OPI summer 2015 ideas

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OPI nail polishes are of most quality, very long lasting and quick-drying. This summer will be in the sign of tropical fruit, ocean and sand, wild jungle and diverse combinations all of these colors. Also, darker shades and colors of green, red and orange will be in trend this season, so take a look at OPI summer 2015.

Tropical fruit

OPI summer 2015 is reserved for cheerful colors of kiwi, mango, watermelon, banana, pomegranate, etc… All shades of these fruits will appear this season. Also, you can paint any of these fruits on your nails. It will be really attractive and desirable. You can combine each of these tropical fruits on each nail for a fruit. Likewise, this season will be very popular avocado color and two colors of jungle fruit aguaje (brown and yellow).

Ocean and sand

Ocean blue, sky blue and neutral colors like skin color, color of sand or color of stone will be very diverse this year. All shades of these colors will wear on beach as swimsuit and nail polish. You can combine any of these colors and shades to make unusual design which leaves others breathless. Also, you can make a combination of swimsuit with nail varnish. OPI summer 2015 collections will be a real hit.

Jungle colors

OPI summer 2015 allows all shades of green. Also, tiger or zebra design are very attractive among young women. Shiny, matt or tinsel green are desirable this year. Giraffe design is very popular lately. Likewise, you can make jungle flowers which are very complicated for paint, but if you succeed with this, you will look so hot and wild.