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Best OPI nail polish colors 2014

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Women’s world is crazy for OPI nail polish colors 2014. This year is very specific because we have most diverse shades of most diverse colors. Whatever color you love, you will wear it this year. Also, what color unusually and foolish, you will be crazy about it.

OPI nail polish colors 2014 – Neutral shades

Neutral shades are timeless and first choice too. This group includes skin tone, peach, of stone, beige, ocher, etc… Neutral ones fit with everything. Whatever you wear, your nails with neutral color will be sophisticated and classic.

OPI nail polish colors 2014 – Something unusual

If you love unusually and crazy stuff, you will wear piercing on your nail. Sometimes not so long ago, it was very popular. You can find different forms and size of this accessory. It looks very nice and so cool that you friends will want to have one. OPI nail polish colors 2014 are the best!

OPI nail polish colors 2014 – Cheerful colors

Green, red, orange, blue, yellow, ocher, gray, black, white, pink and all shades of these colors are in trend this year. OPI nail polish colors 2014 allow all these colors and their combination. Also, you can paint flowers, insects, animal designs and many other things which come to your mind.

OPI nail polish colors 2014 – Zircons, tinsel, designs

Lovers of zircons, tinsel and animal designs will be happy, because will can to experiments as much as they want. Tiger, zebra or giraffe design are very popular. If you want look of disco queen, you should choose much tinsel and gold and silver color of OPI nail polish colors 2014. If you want look of fancy girl, you should choose zircons.

All about OPI Nail Polishes 2014

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OPI is a leading manufacturer of polish related products with headquarters in Hollywood (USA) and one of the world leading manufacturers of products in the field of manicure and its annual sales of about 40 million bottles of polishes.OPI issued two new collections of polish with OPI nail polish colors 2013 per year consisting of 12 colors inspired by the geographic location selected for each collection. Some of collections are Germany, Holland, Swiss, and Texas. The company has created a different polish for a number of brands, celebrities and film studies, some of the most famous collections are Katy Perry (2011), Serena (2011), Pirates of the Caribbean (2011), Nikki Minaj (2012) Skyfall (2012). OPI was created as a brand in professional salons. In 1997 he launched the brand Nicole by OPI for retailers.

Why OPI nail polish colors?

OPI is one of the best nail polishes available in the market, as evidenced by its high rating (4.7). The only criticism you’ve found it in the price, you now will not be a problem. OPI is one of the few brands which paints do not contain toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate. Easily applied patented ProWide brush, quick-drying, do not leave traces, and the choice of colors (not counting the limited edition) is astounding. Another wonderful thing about shades I have names: when you buy a nail in the shade with interesting name, you will remember the next purchase you have shade.